Austin 7 Nippy

Nippy chassis prior to stripping
Nippy chassis in primer following shotblasting
Shotblasting revealed a number of cracks (one pictured here) which were all repaired
Nippy - various running gear components painted in primer
Nippy during rebuild
Gearbox rebuild
Engine rebuilt
Nippy restoration almost complete, shown at Farming of Yesteryear, Scone
Nippy ready for collection

1937 Austin 7 Special

Austin Seven Special
Engine bay
"The Bug"


1924 Austin 7 Chummy

Austin Seven Chummy fuel tank opened up for steam cleaning and resealing
Inside Austin Seven Chummy fuel tank - note the corrosion and remains of previous sealer
Steam cleaned and about to have specialist fuel tank sealant applied
Austin Seven Chummy, Herbie, about to go home


1933 Austin Heavy 12/4

The car arrives for a full restoration
First thing to do was get the car up on the ramp for a thorough inspection
The sump was removed to reveal lots of sludgy oil
Engine bay before disconnecting the services and removing the engine
The interior of the car was stripped out
Engine and gearbox removed, wings coming off ready for the chassis overhaul
The chassis is painted in rust-inhibiting primer before going into gloss black
Components are all overhauled before being refitted
Springs are stripped down, any leaves replaced, before being greased and rebuilt
About to be stripped down
Axle overhauled and ready to refit
The dash is stripped out during the rewire
Rotten wood in the rear quarter prior to being replaced
The doors are repaired
The doors are refitted
Stripped back to bare metal
One of the many coats of paint
All the chrome is stripped off and photographed in its component parts
Upon return from being re-plated it is all checked
Chrome is laid out prior to refitting
The engine is back in place and the bulkhead fitted up (although currently covered in plastic to protect it while we work on the car)
New running boards are made
The correct running board rubbers are sourced
The interior was refurbished (taking 4 1/2 cow hides)
A mouse nest was discovered in this seat
Interior all finished
Car ready for collection

1938 Austin Light 12/4

Austin Light 12/4 arrives for recommissioning
The petrol tank has seen better days
The gearbox is stripped for rebuilding
Engine ready for refitting
The light 12/4 is ready for collection

1937 Austin 18/6

Prior to restoration - note the tarpaulin roof covering
Engine bay at the start of the job
Crankshaft pulley had been welded to the crankshaft!
Engine is stripped down
Various problems are identified
New roof covering completed
Engine bay upon completion
The bench seats in "the old bus"
Awaiting collection

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