We carry out a number of restorations each year, ranging from full restorations, either “guess what’s in the box” projects, or by completely stripping-down and restoring every component, including in-house manufacturing of individual parts where necessary.

We can re-commission vehicles that have been out of use for a long period or can do part restorations according to requirement/budget.

Milford Vintage Engineering benefits from its excellent collection of specialist tools that enable us to perform our work efficiently to the high standards required by both the manufacturer and the customer.

1933 Austin Heavy 12/4 Restoration


The importance of servicing cannot be overlooked.  Often items picked up in routine servicing can be dealt with while they are still fairly small problems and can help avoid much larger bills at a later date

We can carry out a variety of servicing to suit your individual needs, whether it be selective, for those who enjoy carrying out their own maintenance but require assistance with some more technical aspects, or scheduled service plans where you would rather leave it all to the professionals.

As well as the knowledge built up over years of looking after these vehicles, we have a good selection of specialist tools to allow efficient servicing and aid us in the care of your vehicle.

We strive to prepare your car and advise you so that you have a trouble-free season’s motoring.  Just something as simple as an oil change if the incorrect oil is used can ruin an engine.


Although these vehicles are long-lived there comes a point when wear and old age causes a “failure to proceed”.  We will undertake repairs from replacement of a leaking gasket or valve stem oil seals to full engine or gearbox rebuilds.

We have a vast knowledge in the specialist area of pre-war engineering and undertake many engine, gearbox and axle rebuilds every year.  When carrying out an engine rebuild we take the utmost care to ensure that any worn parts are detected and repaired or replaced as appropriate.  All engines are stripped right down and any machining required is carried out.  Parts can be washed several times during a rebuild meaning that there will be no foreign objects making their way into your nice, newly rebuilt engine.  Although time consuming, the end result will be reliable, look stunning and should last for a good many years to come.

We have extensive experience rebuilding all types of engines from veterans such as Arrol-Johnston, many pre-war cars including the V12 Phantom III, WO Bentleys, Alvis and Austins to iconic sports cars such as Austin Healeys and E-type Jaguars.

You can see photographs of the wide variety of engines in our gallery.

1939 Austin Big 7

1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25

1932 Vernon Crossley


We offer a full or partial rewiring service and often get asked which is better.  Ideally a full rewire, if possible, since the original cables are often of the old rubber insulation type.  Once the rubber starts to melt it leaves bare metal cables exposed which become a fire hazard.  We carry out several full rewires every year, usually over winter, and can often add in little extras at the same time according to your wishes. These can include indicators and a power supply, suitably hidden, for sat navs or mobile phone chargers.  We have also fitted alternators to upgrade the power available on older cars where required by customers.

Rolls-Royce 20/25 Rewire

Rolls-Royce 20/25 control box before rewiring

Rolls-Royce 20/25 control box after rewiring

1935 Derby Bentley Rewire

1952 Alvis TA 21 Rewire


We can undertake repairs to ash frames and have made a whole new frame for an Alvis saloon car, as well as sympathetic alterations to a Morgan 4/4 to enlarge the doors thus enabling the owner to continue using his beloved car despite having restricted mobility.

1966 Morgan 4/4

1966 Morgan 4/4 being changed to suit the owner who had restricted mobility so needed wider doors to access the car

1966 Morgan 44 being changed to suit the owner who had restricted mobility so needed wider doors to access the car

1966 Morgan 44 being changed to suit the owner who had restricted mobility so needed wider doors to access the car

1934 Alvis Speed 20 SB

1934 Alvis Speed 20 SB having substantial work to the ash frame


Ian Milford, the company’s Managing Director, has his own collection of classic and vintage vehicles.

He has taken part in a number of British and European rallies and events, including the John o’Groats to Lands End run in his Austin 7, several of the historic Monte Carlo Challenges and the London to Brighton run in a customer’s 1902 Arrol Johnston Dogcart which he restored prior to the run.

With a passion for old vehicles and over 30 years’ specialist experience in restoring and maintaining them, Ian is ideally placed to lead the team in preparing and supporting your vehicle in long-distance endurance rallies, reliability trials, shows and other events including Concours d’Elégance.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown we have often been able to diagnose the fault over the telephone and talk the customer through making sufficient repairs to enable them to carry on with their journey.  In more serious circumstances we will attend in person, if feasible, and effect the repair.  If this is not an option we can recover your car and bring it back to the workshop or you can use your own breakdown service to deliver your car to us if you prefer.

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If required we can inspect a vehicle prior to purchase to advise on its overall condition, potential problems and future costs.  This can save a lot of heartache and often a few pounds spent when looking can save thousands later.

We also carry out valuations of vehicles based on their individual condition against the current market value, either for your own insurance or prior to sale.

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We can collect/deliver cars within 100 miles using our own covered 3 ½ tonne trailer, or arrange anything further afield using a very reputable transport company specialising in high value and classic motor cars using covered vehicles.  A couple of cars have even been shipped to Australia for customers.

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