A fine example of a well-loved and driven car.  It has been in the same family since the 1930s and was used as a fire tender during the war.  It comes in from time to time for the more complex jobs, the owner enjoying maintaining it himself whenever possible.

Work gets underway

Front axle removed for work

Brake overhaul

Parts painted and ready for refitting

Front axle overhaul complete

Half shaft suffering from excessive greasing

Wartime service as a fire tender

1923 WO Bentley

Heading home


1926 3- 41/2 WO Bentley

Former stable mates re-united.  The Lagonda and the WO Bentley were both owned by the father of the Lagonda's current owner.


The engine in this Bentley was increased to 5.3 Litre capacity in 2002 by a company in England and has experienced four occasions of the engine seizing since.  On the fifth occasion the car came to us, on the recommendation of a friend.

Ian started to strip the engine and found evidence of severe damage following seizure due to overheating.

Upon further investigation the water distribution rail was blocked and misshapen and there was a great deal of sand and sediment present, all of which restricted the flow of coolant around the engine.  We discussed possible options with the owner and he decided to go back to a 4½ Litre engine so we obtained a new block.  This then had to be thoroughly cleaned and all casting debris removed before the rebuild began.  The car is now back in Holland and the owner says it is running very sweetly and he is thrilled to pieces.


1929 WO Bentley arrives for engine work

At the top of the photo there are aluminium deposits visible which have been friction welded into the bore

No 1 piston - subject to severe over heating

Pistons number 2 and 3 - these had also seized

No 4 piston - very little damage

Blockages in the water distribution rail

Casting sediment had blocked the gaps between the bores

More casting sediment had settled at the bottom of the bores giving no cooling to this area

A small amount of the sand and debris removed from the new block when cleaning prior to building up the engine

Rebuild almost complete

The 4 1/2 litre engine is fitted back into the car

Starting to connect up the services

Engine from the driver's side

Carburettor overhaul

Waiting for the carburettors to be refitted


Finished engine



Derby Bentley 4 1/4 rewire. The conduits have been stripped off showing the poor state of the wiring (some of which have been melting!)

Derby Bentley 4 1/4 rewire. New cables in the process of being run

Derby Bentley 4 1/4 rewire. Part of the bulkhead with new cables run and conduits back in place

Dash before refurbishing

Dash following refurbishing

Engine bay following completion of rewire (all wires hidden away in conduits)

Car ready for collection

Refurbished wheel with new Blockley tyres

Mark VI

1949 Bentley Mark VI Work sometimes includes some rather awkward positions!


1952 Bentley R type

S1, S2 and S3

1956 S1 engine bay before

Bentley S1 O/S underbonnet following engine rebuild and detailing work.

1966 Bentley S3

1961 Bentley S2 Work included servicing, replacing a cracked manifold, faults with rear lights and locating a squeek


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