SS100 engine

SS100 engine close up

SS100 engine parts following stripping

Ready to be stripped, cleaned and assessed

Metal stitching

Rebuilding the cylinder head

Newly cleaned and painted block

Ready to balance the pistons, etc

Ready to be returned to the customer


XK140 front view before work started

XK140 Before we started a major rebuild

XK140 Boot (before)

XK140 boot showing some corrosion

XK140 interior of door with corrosion visible

XK140 door - corrosion has been dealt with and it is now painted in rust-inhibiting primer

XK140 door painted with top coat

XK140 door almost finished

XK140 Most of the new carpets are now fitted

XK140 interior almost finished

XK140 Finished boot area

XK140 ready for delivery



Jaguar E-type Bores showing wear ridges and scoring

E-type - Rusty valve springs and caps

E-type engine back in position awaiting cam covers and inlet manifold

Mark 2/Daimler V8 250

Mark 2 Engine rebuild and engine bay detailing

Engine bay, before

Old wiring

Engine bay all painted up ready to take engine

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