Rover 16

The owner of this Rover contacted us initially to get the car roadworthy in time for his father’s 80th birthday.  As we got into the car he decided to extend the project to be a major restoration.  This included an engine rebuild, restoration of the brakes, steering and suspension, a rewire, a bare metal respray (apart from the engine bay), new carpets, re-plating the chrome and having the wood restored to its former glory.

1939 Rover 16 arriving at Milford Vintage Engineering

O/S of Rover 16 engine before restoration

Door cappings before wood restoration

Rear bumpers, before

1939 Rover 16 finished

N/S of Rover 16 following restoration

O/S of Rover 16 Engine following restoration

Wood following restoration

Rear bumpers following re-plating

Rover 16 dash - rewired prior to refitting

1948 Rover 75

This car is currently being recommissioned.  It has had a bare metal re-spray but is mechanically fairly sound.

1948 Rover 75

Rover 75 - fitting back up following respray

Work on the Rover 75 carburettor (by our French  lad)


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